The Evolving Faith Community

Welcome home, wanderer.

Will you lend a hand?

We envision a community where the thirsty become water-bearers, the hungry become bread-makers, the wounded are our healers, the misfits become friends, and the wanderers find a home.

We believe that community isn't some spiritual hyperbole, but a very real place. Our online platform is just one of the ways we're doing the work of community.

You're invited to pull up a chair.

Find connection through groups

Join smaller communities for those who are BIPOC, LGBTQ+, disabled, neurodivergent, faith leaders, parents, and more.

Attend and participate in live events

Book clubs, contemplative services, and Zoom gatherings are some of the events you can expect to see inside The Community.

The quilt we’re knitting keeps getting wider.

In addition to the live conference in October, we’re excited to gather throughout the year in The Community. We’re weaving together book clubs, studies, Q&As, author meet and greets, and other events to make 2023 even wider, longer, and cozier.

We want you to add a square to the quilt

By purchasing access to Evolving Faith 2023 now, you’ll be able to shape the space before we gather in October. Join now so that you can begin meeting other wanderers and participate in live events leading up to the conference.

Just want to attend the conference? Once you're inside, head over to to register for 2023!